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A Story for Every Age and Every Occasion


Storytelling performances can be crafted to fit your needs and situation or can be pure entertainment. Tell me what you need and I'll create the perfect program.

Workshops and Residencies

For TEACHERS: the use of story/drama within the Language Arts curriculum, using story to build literacy and enhance students' writing and speaking skills.


In the CLASSROOM: the development of narrative story combining traditional elements of story with students' own cultural backgrounds and experiences, and linking this to the curriculum.

For CHILDREN: storytelling, story theatre and drama where they find their own voices through the stories they create. These workshops can include mask making, puppetry and music.

For ADULTS who want to explore the stories within their own lives: I have worked with groups of doctors, clergy, administrators and business people, using story for team building, to redefine their purpose and to highlight shared values.

For CLERGY and RELIGIOUS EDUCATORS: to delve into the stories of Sacred Text and make meaningful connections for themselves and their communities.

Life Cycle Ceremonies

Weddings, baby namings, funerals and memorials, bar and bat mitzvah preparation and ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies both spiritual and secular, and whatever you need to mark a moment in your life.

FEES depend upon the work involved. Contact me, we'll talk.

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