"Her remarkable talent as a storyteller has captured the imagination of many practicing teachers...As a result of her work, I have witnessed a great change in the teaching and use of story in the classroom." Course Coordinator B.Ed. Early Years, Bretton Hall College

"Batya is a good storyteller. She makes stories look real. Her story telling makes me feel like I'm a character of the story. I really go along with the stories in my mind. Her stories helped me to write stories." Sarah Chadderton, Age 11


"Batya has a knack of getting the best out of the children she works with. She is an extremely talented storyteller, entrancing children and adults alike...And she is an able and inspired teacher." Head of Audience Development, Alhambra Theatre


"Batya is creative, enthusiastic and an inspiration to teachers and students alike. She has the ability to draw the very best from the people she works with..." Education Officer, Sheffield Festival

"In the past I heard a great deal of grumbling about who did not get a leading role, and there were occasionally tears. Not so with Batya--she somehow made each student know they had the perfect part for them. It became a total team effort under her direction. She faced each challenge she encounered with joy. The parents were amazed with the final productions." Program Director, Oregon Episcopal School Summer Programs


"Dear Batya, I nearly fainted because your story was so good. Love, from Gemma