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Batya Podos

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  • Stories from all over the world for children & adults

  • In the classroom to develop literacy, language, writing skills & to empower students to find their voices

  • As a workshop leader offering in-service training to educational professionals on the use of story and narrative to enhance curriculum & meet State standards

  • As a facilitator in team building and communications for other professionals & clergy

  • At festivals, theatres, conferences, community centers, houses of worship, libraries, hospitals, museums & wherever you are

  • To teach, inspire, entertain & connect




The Storyteller collects tales like beads on a string. Some may be of rare and precious material, others will be of common clay; some are crystal clear while others are opaque and mysterious; but all make up the necklace of shared human experience.


All services offered can be adapted to Zoom or other virtual media


  • An ordained storyteller, teacher & spiritual leader in the Jewish tradition

  • Tales from the Torah, Talmud, Jewish folklore & life experiences

  • Tales from all faiths that deal with transformation & our relationship with the Divine

  • In religious schools & houses of worship

  • For Religious Studies & Comparative Religions programs

  • Weddings, baby namings, funerals & other life cycle events

  • Bar/bat mitzvah preparation for Jewish youth and meaningful coming of age ceremonies 

  • For any group wishing to explore spirituality through story




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